The Getty Center is a campus of museums located in the Santa Monica hills just north of Los Angeles.  It was designed by architect Richard Meier and built in 1997.  Its location is so remote that you can only access it by tram, but it is open to the public for FREE, I highly recommend it.  The extensive (and I MEAN extensive) grounds, gardens, and views alone are more than worth making the trek.


As you will see, it is impossible to take a bad photo here, every place you look is an interesting composition.


Looking out to the hills.





A view of the villas beyond.


Every surface is covered in exquisite materials, mostly stone.


The immense scale of the buildings and gardens.




Beautiful sculpture gardens are scattered around the grounds.  Paths and stairways are everywhere, and are really more for exploration than getting from point A to B.



Corten steel walls.


A floating labyrinth.



Another interesting paving material.


Views back to LA.



Axes everywhere set up incredible views.


The interiors were generally not that exciting, they are typical Meier style, which is white and curved.  The buildings felt very empty, as if they were designed with exterior massing in mind only, and struggled to make use of all of the interior space.  I guess you can do that with an unlimited budget.