Kilbourn Tower



A condo inside Kilbourn Tower was fully transformed with a whole-unit renovation.  The clients were frustrated by the inefficient kitchen layout and low-quality materials that originated with the unit.  The new design features a large island as the primary workspace and gathering spot, doubling as a breakfast counter.  Flush frameless cabinet fronts give the kitchen a sleek contemporary aesthetic while the white oak veneer is warm and calming.


A major priority was to add a desk space for a home office (both clients work at home full time).  A desk was added at the rear of the living room, behind flush cabinet panels to help reduce the presence of the desks in the space.  These were elevated to provide panoramic views to the lake and downtown from a seated position at the desk.


All new recessed lighting was added throughout the unit, with unique circular LED lighting at the living room ceiling that blends seamlessly with the drywall.



Completed 2019


2,000 square feet


Milwaukee, WI


Amy Carman Design


Refined Renovations