Russell Barr Williamson



This home was originally designed by prominent architect Russell Barr Williamson.  We were hired as a historic consultant to advise and oversee restoration work.  The roof was replaced, along with skylights, fascia, built-in custom roof drains, and downspouts. 


New mechanical systems were incorporated in a way that would not be visible on the exterior or interior of the house.  An existing large air conditioning condenser unit, which was located on a very visible part of the roof, was removed and replaced with a unit completely hidden within the structure. 


The client also wanted to add a large photovoltaic array to offset most of the home’s energy consumption with solar power.  A panel system was designed and installed by Jason Katcha of Present Power Systems and placed on the roof where it would not be seen from any angle at ground level.  Existing windows were repaired in their original custom-built frames.



Completed 2017


3,000 square feet


Mequon, WI


Refined Renovations

Present Power Systems

Paul Crandall + Associates