Tannenbaum Renovation



Abe Tannenbaum was a prominent modernist architect who designed a number of mid-century homes in Wisconsin, including this one, constructed in 1958. His aesthetic was defined by simple, bold geometric forms, use of natural materials, and mastery of natural daylighting.


After years of neglect as a rental property, the home is being renovated to celebrate its mid-century roots and incorporate contemporary minimalist elements.  The exterior of the house received a new color scheme and landscape design, including a cor-ten steel site wall to help the house further engage with the surrounding landscape.  In the backyard,  a new shade sail was added to a large patio to provide cover to harsh afternoon sun.


Inside, original features like the overlapping cedar board vaulted ceilings (a signature of Tannenbaum’s work) and stone floors are retained and restored, while a period-inappropriate kitchen remodel from the 90s is being removed and replaced with new cabinets and countertops.



Fox Point, Wisconsin


Construction in progress 2019


2,200 square feet