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2019 Professional Builder Design Award Winner


We are a design practice based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We believe that inspiring environments have a positive effect on people’s well being.  We partner with trusted consultants and contractors to produce award-winning architectural works, including new residential and commercial projects, renovations, additions and historic restorations.



Lake Drive Modern

Residential New Construction

Northwoods Trail

Residential New Construction


Residential New Construction


Residential New Construction

Kilbourn Tower

Condominium Renovation


Residential New Urban Infill

Adelman Headquarters

Commercial Renovation

Wrayburn Addition

Residential Renovation

Tannenbaum Renovation

Residential Mid-Century


Named Best Architect Milwaukee





We are dedicated to creating unique buildings with beautiful, healthy, light-filled spaces that enrich our clients’ lives, our communities, and the environment. 

Honesty of materials, clarity of form, and consideration of local climate and context are fundamental components to our design process.  Our hope is that the work we create today will someday be worthy of restoration by future generations.

We are small and specialized, allowing us to give each project the attention it deserves.  Projects range in size from modest interior renovations to complex new buildings.  We engage in a multi-disciplinary approach involving close collaboration with engineers, consultants, fabricators, and builders to achieve a strong understanding of the construction process and attention to detail.

We work in conversation with clients, listening without preconception, generating ideas and possibilities together, and finding clear and compelling solutions. 

We are a full-service design firm, including new residential and commercial projects, renovations, additions, historic restorations, adaptive reuse, and construction management.

We all impact the natural environment with our actions, and believe building design should promote environmental responsibility.  This can occur through the use of natural/recycled materials, minimizing energy and utility consumption, orienting the building with the sun, reducing construction waste…and many others.

Justin is a leading resource and proponent for the restoration and preservation of mid-century modern architecture in the local community.  He lives with his wife in a 1958 MCM home designed by local architect Abe Tannenbaum.


Justin Racinowski



Elizabeth Martin



Michael Blodgett, P.E.



Justin’s Education

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, 2000

Master of Architecture, 2003


Wrightscape: The Geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright, (with Mark and Linda Keane), 2001

How To Operate Your Home: An Owner’s Manual for Your Home, (with Tom Feiza, Mr. Fix-It), 2000

Firm Awards

Professional Builder Design Award, Custom Home 2019

Finalist - Best Architect Milwaukee, Shepherd Express 2018

Named Best Architect Milwaukee, Shepherd Express 2017

National AIA Residential Architect Award for Preservation

American Society of Interior Designers, Gold Award 2015

NARI Wisconsin Remodeler Award 2015 Gold

NARI Wisconsin Remodeler Award 2015 Gold

NARI Wisconsin Remodeler Award 2015 Silver

NARI Wisconsin Remodeler Award 2014 Gold


At my day job I am bounded by a set of standards, codes, budgets, and physical constraints–all of which are completely left behind when I paint.  My process is a purely visual and emotional exploration of dynamic shapes, colors, and landscapes, which are infused with elements of my favorite design movements, Expressionism, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Modernism.  

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